High level of service quality

We offer a wide range of quality products from leading manufacturers around the world. Equipment, spare parts and materials for any needs as soon as possible

Experienced support & consulting team

We work only with the most reliable and proven manufacturers, whose products over many years have recommended themselves with the best side.

Worldwide delivery

Delivery is carried out in Europe and CIS. Our logistics department always ensures timely delivery of products. We do not depend on transport companies.

Fast & solid collaborators in partner companies

Established partnerships with reliable manufacturers within the country, as well as international enterprises, allows us to offer the highest quality products on optimal conditions.
Our Products
Heavy technics, auto & railway equipment

We can deliver such objects as cranes, bus drives, bulldozers, excavators, pile driving & boring machines, trenchers, loaders, compactors, large tires, lifts, dump trucks railway wheels, wagons, locomotive tires, wagon tippers etc.
Electrical equipment

We provide such electrical equipment as electric engines and generators, lamps and lighting materials, electric pumps and compressors, cables, wires, switches, insulators, surveillance cameras, turbines, smoke exhausters, blast equipment etc.
Personal protective equipment

Company distributes protective clothing, helmets, respirators, self-rescuers, glasses, overalls, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection as well.
Mining equipment

We also offer drilling tools, hammers and air hammers, drilling rigs- machines, mine-lifting machines, mining transportation & filtering equipment, crusher, roar, excavators, drilling equipment, carriages, mills, spare parts for mining equipment and etc.
Raw materials

In addition we supply industrial chemicals and reagents, fuels, and industrial lubricants.
We are proud of our established relations and cooperation with global brands and experts from the industrial market, as well as manufacturers from Europe and Asia. Thanks to stable and favorable partnership with a large number of producers, we will be able to pick up for you the optimum and favorable terms of industrial equipment supply.
If you are a supplier of any raw materials, machinery and other industrial materials/equipment, and wish to become our official partner or dealer, please contact us.


Send us some details about your upcoming project and feel free to ask questions about our supply process. We will get back to you within 3 days.


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